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General Dentist in Kennesaw

Dr. Russell Anderson Jr. provides general and family dentistry in Kennesaw GA.At Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry, we want all of our patients to leave feeling satisfied with their dental care.
Our office, located in Kennesaw, GA, uses only the most modern technology and high quality materials, guaranteeing flawless results. Our incredible staff and team work hard to make sure you are pleased with your smile results.

We are a dental practice that values family. We want you and your entire family to have an enjoyable experience when you visit the dentist. That’s why our staff and team deliver the utmost respect and care to our patients. We strive to make you feel welcome and comfortable. We offer several patient amenities and comforts to make your dental procedures are a smooth process.

We are dedicated to giving you professional, personalized dental care you deserve. We love helping patients of all ages achieve perfect smiles with safe and effective procedures.

“Friendly environment, been my dentist for 5 plus years. Always taking good care of me and my family’s dental health. Definitely would recommend!”
-Julio B., Patient of Dr. Anderson

Education and Prevention

Patient from Woodstock smiles after receiving a teeth cleaning in Kennesaw.
Education and prevention are the first step toward maintaining a healthy smile. We will work with you to keep decay and disease at bay rather than undergo treatment for them. When we prevent dental problems together, you preserve your comfort and protect your wallet! Preventive services and early treatments are always more affordable and conservative than smile-saving surgeries.

Oral Cancer Screenings

When oral cancer is caught in the early stages, it is often treated successfully. However, early detection is key! Coming in for a semi-annual exam will allow us to check for any abnormalities.

Teeth Cleaning

At Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry, we provide a full cleaning. Dr. Anderson will conduct a thorough dental exam and answer all of your questions regarding dental care. Afterward, he will recommend at-home dental care routines that will help you sustain your healthy smile. With regular flossing, fluoride treatments, and brushing, you can maintain better oral health.

Root Canal Therapy

Cracks and cavities can expose your tooth to bacteria, which in turn, infect the pulp. We can perform a root canal to save the infected tooth. The procedure will strengthen and save your smile while safeguarding your comfort.

Learn More About Root Canals

Restorative Services

We offer crowns, dental implants, dentures, and bridges to fortify a damaged smile. Everyone is susceptible to physical trauma or dental decay. Fortunately, our team at Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry can restore your smile to its full and beautiful state.

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Composite Fillings

We see small cavities more than any other dental complication. We offer composite fillings that are made of a tooth-colored material and fit in seamlessly with your natural smile.

TMJ/TMD Therapy

Are you experiencing frequent headaches and jaw pain? You may be suffering from TMJ disorder or “TMD.” At Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry, we offer noninvasive and effective procedures to treat TMD.

Learn More About TMJD Treatment

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We provide all of these dental services and more! If you have any questions or would like to schedule an exam, contact our office today.

THE BEST DENTIST!!! They truly care for their patients. I would recommend this dentist to everyone. I have been going to them for years and the amazing service has been consistent.

Miyah, Patient

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