Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry Treats Canker Sores, Lesions, And Fever Blisters

Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry Treats Cankers Sores Lesions and Fever Blisters

At Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry, one of the most common complaints we hear from Kennesaw dentistry patients is problems with mouth sores. There are many different kinds of oral lesions that can make eating and talking painful. Some are annoying yet harmless, while other sores are more serious and require medical intervention. Though not contagious, […]

Dental Miracles Seen And Unseen At Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry

white fillings Kennesaw

Quality dental care and cosmetic dental procedures can be extremely visible. Think porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and teeth whitening. Today, however, let’s discuss some purposefully unseen procedures that can contribute to a healthy, remarkable smile. In today’s message, we will examine three advanced cosmetic dental treatments: white fillings, invisible braces, and dental implants. White Fillings […]

Which Tooth Whitener Works Best?

Dazzling White Teeth in Kennesaw

What is the best professional tooth whitening system to use in Kennesaw? There are two types of dentist-supervised tooth whitening systems available in Kennesaw. In order to determine the best choice for your teeth, schedule, and budget; you need to understand the differences in the systems. Both systems use a bleaching agent containing peroxide. Kennesaw […]

Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad…Dentist?

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People that experience dental phobia (Dentophobia) may take comfort in the fact that it is a fairly common diagnosable mental condition. At least they know they are not alone and that the medical community takes it seriously. Phobias like Pteromerhanophobia: (the fear of flying) and Acrophobibia (the fear of heights) can be difficult, but a […]

Not All Smile Makeovers Are Created Equal

Shiloh cosmetic smile makeover

Hello Kennesaw! Welcome to the Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry dental blog. Let’s talk about smile makeovers. Some Kennesaw patients wonder if  the term is synonymous with general cosmetic dentistry. Are the placement of four veneers considered a smile makeover? Well, yes and no. If your smile is attractive and healthy except for some chips in […]