Which Type of Toothbrush is Best?

Toothbrush Wars in Atlanta

It may surprise you to know that some individuals have very strong opinions about which type of toothbrush is the best: manual or electric. Is there really one that is clearly better? Most dentists will tell you that all toothbrushes, when used correctly, are effective at removing plaque. Choosing which kind you prefer is really up […]

Overlapping Teeth Can Be Corrected for a Beautiful Smile

how to fix overlapping teeth Kennesaw

At Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry, we provide cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry. That means we fix all types of smile shortcomings. Overlapping teeth are fairly common. And while many individuals don’t mind a slight overlap, others feel self-conscious and would like it corrected. What causes teeth to overlap? Genetics or thumbsucking as a toddler can bring about […]

Five Facts About Enamel Erosion

enamel erosion treatment Kennesaw

Our teeth work hard and are continuously under assault. It’s no wonder that nature encases them with an armor of enamel—the hardest substance in the body. Sadly, enamel erosion is extremely common, though largely preventable. Enamel’s chief enemies are acidic foods and beverages. Other factors that can weaken enamel or wear it away are some […]

5 Compelling Reasons To Consider Dental Sealants For Your Child

kids dental sealants Kennesaw

Do you have a young child? Why are dental sealants important for kids’ oral health? 1. Children without sealants have almost three times more tooth decay than children with sealants. (Centers For Disease Control) 2. Sealants may be covered by your Georgia dental insurance plan. For moms and dads without dental insurance, sealants are worth […]