Straightening Smiles and Crooked Teeth at Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry

Straightening Smiles and Crooked Teeth at Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry.

Crooked teeth are known in the world of dentistry as “malocclusion.” Malocclusion can impact the aesthetics of your smile and may affect your overall oral health and enjoyment. At Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry in the Atlanta area, we understand the significance of addressing crooked teeth to ensure our patient’s smiles are healthy, confident, and functional. […]

Are All Clear Aligners Alike?

Get an Invisalign consultation in Kennesaw.

If you are researching orthodontics, you have probably heard about clear aligners. They offer several advantages over traditional metal braces. The most popular benefit is the fact that they are nearly invisible. Millions of individuals have corrected their teeth with aligners in the past twenty years since they were introduced. Russel G. Anderson DMD is […]

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Visit Your Local Friendly Dentist

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Visit Your Local Kennesaw Dentist.

In the hustle and bustle of life, amidst our myriad commitments and responsibilities, it’s easy to overlook the importance of dental health. However, there’s no better time than now to prioritize your oral well-being by visiting Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry, your local friendly dentist. Here’s why: 1. New Season, New Smile: As we usher in […]

Replace Old Silver Fillings

Replace silver with white fillings in Kennesaw.

Superficial cuts in the skin subside without a trace, infections are eradicated with antibiotics, broken bones mend, and inflamed tissues abate. Our teeth, unfortunately, can’t regenerate. Decay can be halted in its progress, but scientists are still years away from actual enamel regeneration. That’s why the team at Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry strongly emphasizes preventative […]

Will a Dental Implant Cause a Problem With Airport Security?

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Airport security checks might be necessary, but they can be a major annoyance. Emptying your pockets. Pulling your laptop out of your carry-on. Taking your shoes off. Some individuals considering whether to get an implant may wonder if it will affect airport security. Let’s answer the questions commonly asked by patients at Russell Anderson Jr. […]

Let Us Ease Your Dental Anxiety

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Are you worried about seeing the dentist? Are you apathetic about discussing your smile? Settling into the reality of what you are prepared to discuss with your dentist is the first step to relief. At Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry, we understand. 1. Talk To Us: Whether you want to have Invisalign or n/a done, call […]

Not Happy With Your Gums? Ask About Contouring

Not Happy With Your Gums? Ask About Contouring In Kennesaw.

At Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry, we know that a full smile makeover can sometimes mean changing more than teeth! Some Atlanta and Kennesaw dental patients who are interested in a full smile makeover might want to consider gum contouring. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is helpful for people who feel that their gums rest too low […]