Let’s Work Together To Keep Your Smile Healthy And Beautiful

low cost tooth bleaching Atlanta

Here at Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry we approach all your oral care needs from two separate angles—what we can do in our dentistry practice and what you can do at home. For example, tooth whitening and correcting discoloration can be treated in our office or at home. Here in the office, there are safe and […]

Which Tooth Whitener Works Best?

Dazzling White Teeth in Kennesaw

What is the best professional tooth whitening system to use in Kennesaw? There are two types of dentist-supervised tooth whitening systems available in Kennesaw. In order to determine the best choice for your teeth, schedule, and budget; you need to understand the differences in the systems. Both systems use a bleaching agent containing peroxide. Kennesaw […]

Not All Smile Makeovers Are Created Equal

Shiloh cosmetic smile makeover

Hello Kennesaw! Welcome to the Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry dental blog. Let’s talk about smile makeovers. Some Kennesaw patients wonder if  the term is synonymous with general cosmetic dentistry. Are the placement of four veneers considered a smile makeover? Well, yes and no. If your smile is attractive and healthy except for some chips in […]

Mouthwash Facts In Kennesaw

Mouthwash Facts In Kennesaw

Hi, I am Doctor Russell Anderson.  Thanks for visiting my Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry blog. In today’s post I would like to discuss mouthwash. Many Georgia residents use mouthwash to freshen their breath and help retard tooth decay. Mouthwash should never be used exclusively though, good oral hygiene starts with thorough tooth brushing and flossing. […]