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This blog post from Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry addresses one of the most feared dental procedures: the root canal. If you find out you need a root canal, don’t panic. We recommend this procedure when it is better for your tooth than the alternatives.

A successful root canal can save a tooth and prevent the need for an extraction followed by a dental bridge, dental implant, or gap in your smile.

If, after a thorough evaluation, we determine that a tooth is going to need a root canal, we will explain the procedure and costs that are involved. Root canals are handled to save an infected tooth. If not treated, abscesses and complete tooth loss may occur.

During the procedure, the nerve and pulp of the infected tooth is removed. Next the tooth’s interior, known as the canal, is cleaned and disinfected. Then it is filled and sealed with a special rubbery material, followed by a crown to protect it.

In addition to root canals, Russell Anderson Jr. Dentistry offers a wide range of services including cosmetic dentistry. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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